How we work

People are our main concern, from the selection of services to their spiritual
and general care—before, during and after the pilgrimage

THE SPIRITUAL THEME. This is what holds the pilgrimage together. The destination is chosen according to the spiritual theme that may manifest to us during meditation, daily life activities, conversation, insights, prayers, visualizations. Only after establishing a strong connection to the spiritual intention, do we chose a sacred destination and build the itinerary and services around it.

WORKING WITH SPIRITUAL LEADERS. In addition to organizing our own journeys, we also wish to work with spiritual leaders who would help us to take care of the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage. Please contact us if you wish to guide a pilgrimage. You set your guidelines for us; we plan the journey in detail for you until the itinerary matches your vision.

WE BELIEVE IN TEAMWORK and we strive to involve local communities in helping us provide services, thus supporting residents of the countries we visit. We hold a new vision of the tourism that can become a way of living, interacting with love, respect and interest with different cultures and religions, sharing practices, food, and life together. We wish to avoid waste and damage to our planet in any way.

A GOOD PILGRIMAGE is composed of several elements. It is mainly driven by an initial calling to which we become receptive. This is when our journey really starts. From this point until we reach our outer destination there are other elements that play important roles, including how to prepare ourselves before the actual departure and how to prepare for returning home.

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