Our Mission

Spiritual and psycho-physical wellbeing becomes part of the mission
and future of tourism with the "pilgrim lifestyle."

EMBARKING ON A PILGRIMAGE can teach us a new way of living and encourage a new way of travelling. It can help the tourism industry to become more aware of the impact that its actions may have on our planet: destroying natural areas for building fancy hotels, creating more and more pollution with air traffic congestion, increasing cultural isolation rather than encouraging unity and respect for diversity.

WHEN WE TRAVEL we have the responsibility to be aware of how we step into a different culture. That means not only experiencing it at the superficial level that extends as far as our camera's lens can go. Entering a culture means opening ourselves

to acceptance, to understanding, to a new way of listening and participating in people’s inner and outer life. Sharing a culture means becoming a vehicle of peace.

THE UNHAPPINESS AND STRESS of our society risk destroying our relationships with other human beings, with our planet, with nature, and with ourselves. By introducing what we call “the pilgrim lifestyle,” spiritual and psycho-physical wellbeing becomes part of the mission and the future of tourism. All the paradises of our planet have been discovered and there is not a destination that is unknown to the tourist. What is  unknown is a new vision that arises from within as we travel. This is part of the pilgrim's mission and therefore our mission too.


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